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Links & Resources 
 www.saatchigallery.com An impressive and extensive showcase of contemporary art.
Museums around the UK An extensive list of museums and galleries in the UK.
The Museum of Modern Art New York
Art Guide Comprehensive guide to the Public Art collections in Great Britain
Art History Resources on the Web
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Winsor & Newton is a manufacturer of fine art materials based in England and the United States. They provide comprehensive information and dynamic ideas for artists and all creative-types. Their site features a complete encyclopedia of art supplies and materials, illustrated art tips and techniques, a 'Learn to Paint' section, and a contributor's library of new creative applications.
World Wide Arts Resources is a comprehensive gateway to the arts on the Internet who's indices concentrates solely on the arts.
The Tate Gallery
The Tate Gallery houses the national collections of British art and international modern art.
Addiction Resource raises awareness of substance abuse among artists.
Uffizi in Florence
One of the finest art collections in the world.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and finest art museums in the world. This site is designed to give visitors an overview of the collections on display in the Museum's galleries.
Sistine Chapel
This site offers a tour of one of the world's great works of art: 'The Sistine Chapel'. There are approximately 325 downloadable images ranging from Michaelangelo's ceiling to the various frescos by artists such as Giotto that decorate the walls of the chapel
Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre
Information about Aboriginal culture, music and art; virtual gallery of works from Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre Gallery in Alice Springs
The National Gallery
The National Gallery houses the national collection of Western European Painting. It has around 2,300 pictures, including many instantly recognizable masterpieces, and covers every European school of painting from about 1260 to 1900.
Victoria and Albert Museum
The V&A in London is the world's finest museum of the decorative arts.
Beautiful Mermaid Art A great site with Mermaid related galleries, art and links.
Mermaids "Isidore-Of-Seville"  Mermaids on the Web is an massive annotated web directory to mermaids in art, folktales, literature and movies. The resources section describes 400 sites and pages. The art galleries thumbnail over 1,250 images, divided by topic and period.
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